We are a young band based in Washington, DC with a match lit under our asses. We have a variety of influences but we prefer 60's, 70's , and 90's rock and roll. Chief among our influences are Mac DeMarco, Nirvana, and the Beatles. However, we try to create something new when we are writing originals that anyone could enjoy. 

In 2018, our close friend and frontman Ray McGavin (Right) tragically passed away after the release of our debut album "Funny Sad Songs". After almost a year and a half of recording, Ray, being the genius and mastermind behind "Funny Sad Songs", had narrowed down his large variety of originals to the 17 songs he felt were the strongest and most unique for the album. Although Ray will no longer be playing with us, we know he would push us to continue recording music and playing whatever gig we can get our hands on.  
Started by Mike Mullally, Ray McGavin, Zeb Dempsey and Brendan Lamb, Civic Duty has been playing for a long time and we are ready to get out there. It is our civic duty to do so.

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